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I don’t really know how you think you know me but you don’t at all
So rip out your eyes and just rip out your teeth
Because the only thing that you could ever really be is a scene or an act
You’re full of shit and that is that
I don’t care, no I don’t
I’ll sit by and watch you just choke on the dirt in your throat
I know I’m kind of visceral but I just think you’re missing the point
An introvert misogynist
No this is not a part of this
Even you think I’ll blend into the abyss of your illusions
I’m probably just rambling but you are just scrambling for an act
Or some way to put a label on that
It’s all just too much
It’s all just too much

I think you’re a lie
But who doesn’t have to lie just to get by in the world
It’s okay I forgive you in this world
It’s okay I forgive you this time

I should just shut up and maybe I should just give up
Because maybe I’m a big fuck up and maybe I’m just out of luck right now
I can’t read your face, it’s probably from some other space
It’s like a book I can’t replace
It’s like the look that you gave me that night
It’s alright
The mystery’s the fun part
Who really wants to find out at all?
I could write another song or I could write a few more songs
But we would just never really ever kind of get along
Back a couple of years I probably still had some fears of being told what I can and can’t do
But it never came from you
And I’ll just keep on doing it just over and over and over and over and over and over no
I shouldn’t do it
I shouldn’t do it
I shouldn’t do it
But I think I will


from Hallows, released January 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Hallows Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Not the happiest music.

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